Window Safety Standards

It is important to ensure you meet the Australian safety standards for glass!

Australian Standard AS 1288:2006 – Glass in Buildings – Selection & Installation is the basic standard that defines the engineering specifications and procedures for the design, selection and installation of glass in residential and commercial buildings, and defines the glass sizes that can be used in Australia.

Glass safety standards in Australia are designed to establish specifications and procedures to ensure that glass products are safe, reliable and consistently perform as intended. Australian glazing standards provide strict guidelines about the type of glass that can be used in different parts of a building, and give detailed specifications with which buildings must comply. Any glass that is installed in a residential or commercial building must comply with the relevant Australian glass standard, and it is essential that architects, builders, surveyors and designers are up to date with the most recent changes.

Complying with Safety Standard AS1288

You can safeguard your business with security film!

When glass is made it goes through a process of ‘toughening’ where Nickel Sulphide Inclusions are added into glass to make it safer.  However, if the glass brakes due to extreme weather events, unforeseen accidents – falls, objects breaking windows ect there will be thousands of glass shards causing major damage and serious injury. the glass.

Windows fitted with safety film can avoid this situation and ensures glass panels remain intact.  Considering that the windows on a building are the weak link on a building it’s no wonder that Safety film has been sold as window security film due to its ability to keep unwanted intruders out of the building during a break in as it is extremely difficult to work your way through the film once the glass has been broken.

We can help!

Our Clear Safe range of window films are safety films which offer the strength and capability of increasing the structural integrity of glass when it is smashed or broken.  It is the perfect option for Family day care centres, schools, nursing homes or any commercial building.

Although safety film is most commonly clear, we do have a tinted safety film available for those that wish to improve the safety or security of their windows and have the benefits of a window tint film at the same time.

Our safety films will ensure your work space is up to the current Australian Standard (AS1288) at a fraction of the cost of replacing your doors and windows.

Complying with AS1428.1

Australian Standard AS1428 covers building design considerations for access and mobility.

Why you need glazing bands visual indicators on glazing?

Glazing bands are needed for people with vision impairment to alert them to a barrier created by clear glass to prevent them from walking through it.

Examples of glass that are considered high risk of human impact are doors, low level windows and shopfronts.

Making your shop front glass visible also known as ‘Manifestation’ can help avoid people walking into the glass because they cannot see it.  You want to ensure a safe environment for your customers and staff, without compromising on style or your shop front feel.

All frame-less or fully glazed doors and sidelights, including any glazing capable of being mistaken for a doorway or opening, needs to be marked with a contracting line or a visual indicator – AS2047.

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