Solar Control Window Tinting

Cut you energy costs by using solar control window film!

Technological advancements in the window tinting industry is increasingly demonstrating that solar window film is the best method of reducing heat gain on glass, improving privacy, eliminating harmful UV radiation and consequently improving the comfort for all within a commercial or residential building.

As an advocate for energy efficient methods of building materials and supplies, Energy Efficient Tinting offers exclusively to the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane market an energy efficient range of solar window film that offers the solar properties that rival the very best in the industry at fraction of the cost of the mainstream suppliers such as 3M.

Not only does the installation of solar window film on your windows add privacy and reduce heat gain etc, it provides you with an improvement of aesthetics for your windows and increased strength and security.

Why get window tinting for your business


Reduce the effects of heat gain on glass by up to 84%

Heat gain reduction on glass is increasingly important within the workplace to alleviate the relentless rise of energy costs. With a reduction of heat gain on your glass, this massively reduces the work load on air conditioners to keep an area cool, whilst at the same time the film helps to maintain the temperature inside by not allowing cool air out in summer and hot air out in winter, subsequently reducing your monthly energy costs.


Reduce heat loss by 35%

Our window tint products work similarly in reverse, with the installation of tint, it not only reduces the heat gain through glass but it also reduces heat/cold loss through glass, depending on the season. This is equally as important for reducing the monthly energy bill as the reduction of heat gain through glass.


Reduce 99% of UV radiation

All our window films reject 99% of UV radiation, this is hugely beneficial for the safety of staff and the longevity of internal building products such as carpets, curtains/blinds, décor, appliances and products close to the glass.


Privacy improvement

Installation of window tint or our frosted films is commonly used in a commercial environment for division partitions and board rooms etc. Please contact us for more information on this.


Improve aesthetics

Installation of window film will improve the face of your business, with slick looking windows that compliment your building or façade, simply presenting better for your clients.


Glare reduction by up to 95%

All of our window tint products will reduce the glare in the workplace, it’s just a matter finding the right balance of glare reducing films to suit your workplace. Glare reduction is proven to improve the quality of comfort within the workplace and subsequently increasing productivity as a result.


Improve safety & security

By keeping glass safely bound together during a breakage, all of our window films greatly improve the safety of the glass and the security at the same time. Our Clear Safe Series is specially designed safety/security film to increase the structural integrity of glass and reduce theft at the same time.

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