Window Decals

Window decals are an excellent way to present your business!

First impressions are the most important thing when it comes to business! If you don’t present your business smartly or professionally you can say goodbye to a good portion of customers.

The windows at your business premises can literally be the face of your business and when done smartly and professionally, window decals can essentially give your business a complete face lift and give a superb first impression which will help to drive more customers through the door.

At Energy Efficient Tinting, we understand these basic business principles and we have the experience and expert resources to complete your window decals with absolute professionalism and care.

Window Decals & Safety

Make you glass visible!

Australian Standard AS1288:2006 covers many requirements such as the strength of balustrade glass, overhead glass and much more but the main area of concern to us at Energy Efficient Tinting is human impact.   Examples of glass that are considered high risk of human impact are doors, low level windows and shopfronts.

Making your shop front glass visible also known as ‘Manifestation’ can help avoid people walking into the glass because they cannot see it.  You want to ensure a safe environment for your customers and staff, without compromising on style or your shop front feel.

All frame-less or fully glazed doors and sidelights, including any glazing capable of being mistaken for a doorway or opening, needs to be marked with a contracting line or a visual indicator – AS2047.

Read more about the specifications for the design, selection and installation of glass in commercial buildings detailed in the Australian Standard AS1288:2006.

Our Solutions

We have many different options to help your business. For expert advice, please call us to arrange a free measure up and quote on 0407 375 157 or email us at

Compliance can be achieved by installing a frosted or opaque vision strip or band across your shop front or internal glass panels.

Broken lines and patterns are also acceptable, however if you are not happy with the generic options we can computer cut business logos or any image you desire to create a personalised, professional look.   Vision bands are an excellent and affordable option to reduce the risk of customers or staff walking into glass panels, whilst creating a professional shopfront for your business.

Take a look below at some examples of recent works we have completed.

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