How does window film provide energy benefits?

Tinting your windows is an inexpensive and immediate solution for making your home more energy efficient!

Solar control window film reduces air conditioning cooling loads because it:

Reflects solar energy back outside

Absorbs and re radiates solar energy back outside

Because of this, your will significantly slash your energy bills and in most cases, tinting your windows will pay for itself in only a few years.   All new homes and commercial buildings must adhere to new energy efficiency requirements set in the Building Code of Australia. Window film is a durable, easy and cost effective way to help ensure your home or business complies with these performance benchmarks.

Our Energy Efficient window films are manufactured in many different shades covering everything from very dark to nearly invisible. This gives each film unique performance specifications effecting how suitable they are to the different glass types in your home and office windows.

Our Window Films

Energy Efficient Window Films can reduce up to 80% total solar energy, 99% UV radiation and 90% glare, while still letting in natural light and not obstructing your view.

With our extensive range of US-manufactured window films we will work with you to ensure the right product is used to suit your home. You can also rest easy knowing our films come with a 10 year warranty, providing enduring protection for your home.

ENERGY Films – Perfect for all rooms in your home 

  • 4 different shades 5%, 15%, 35%, 50%
  • High heat rejection and day time privacy
  • Excellent clarity with reduced interior glare
  • Gun-metal coloured appearance to give your home or office a sleek, finished look
  • All shades will block out 99% UV radiation
  • Lifetime warranty

REFLECTIVE Films – Superior privacy & heat rejection

  • 3 different tint shades – 5%, 20%, 35%
  • Complete day time privacy – highly reflective, whilst improve clarity on outlook
  • Perfect for business use with a mirrored finish
  • Superior heat rejection – up to 84%
  • Lifetime warranty

FROSTED ETCH/OPAQUE Films – Perfect for privacy & decorative purposes

  • Mimic etched glass for a fraction of the cost
  • Superior durability & print-ability giving you flexibly to be as creative as you want
  • Lifetime warranty

SAFETY & SECURITY Films – Keep your family and belongings safe

  • Protect your family against shattering glass, intruders and storms
  • Bring your windows up to Australian compliance standard without the cost of replacing your glass
  • A clear safety film in 2MIL, 4MIL & 7MIL thickness
  • Lifetime warranty

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