Decorative Window Film

Create a unique feature in your home with decorative window film!

Decorative window films are being used by interior designers and architects to enhance the design of homes. They are being used to create a unique feature that can easily be updated if you change the style of your decor.

How we can Help

Installation of decorative window films has the potential to either make or break your glass, so to speak!

It is therefore crucial that when selecting a film to decorate your glass that you seek advice from a professional to help guide you to make the best decision possible and make your windows blend (not conflict) with your décor.

We have a wide range of designs and patterned films to add decoration to your home. From photographic images to flowing patterns or simple straight lines or squares, Energy Efficient Tinting has a range of decorative window films to choose from.

As a business that takes great pride on offering not just the supply and installation of decorative window films but a team of professionals that offer real solutions, Energy Efficient Tinting is here to assist. Please call one of our friendly team members now to arrange a free measure up and quote on 0407 375 157 or email us at

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