Frosted Window Film

Transform your windows from ordinary to extraordinary with frosted window film!

Frosted window film is increasingly becoming the preference for offering privacy, security and improving the aesthetics of windows or doors for home owners.

With the look and feel of frosted glass, frosted window film comes at a fraction of the cost and if after 5 years you’d like a change it can simply be removed or replaced without any hassle.

Frosted film can be added to your existing windows to provide privacy, make your windows more appealing and block out unsightly views…like your neighbours backyard or your bins. You can use plain film or try decorative frosted films to enhance your bathrooms and other windows and glass in your home.

Frosted window film is perfect for:

Your home front door - add frosted etch window film to the side lights or glass panels within your timber glass door for extra privacy.

Your shower screen - add privacy and decoration at the same time with either frosted window film or stained glass film.

Windows that face your neighbours - add privacy and decoration at the same time to either hide unsightly view or stop people looking in.

Glass panelled cupboards - hide the contents of your cupboards from view and add to your decorative style.

You can choose from window film options that include completely opaque, semi-private, and light diffusing. This makes it easy to get the complete privacy you need in your bathroom while also having the option for partial privacy throughout the rest of your house.

How we can Help

We have a wide range of frosted window film designs and patterned films to enhance your home.

As a business that takes great pride on offering not just the supply and installation of frosted window films but a team of professionals that offer real solutions, Energy Efficient Tinting is here to assist. Please call one of our friendly team members now to arrange a free measure up and quote on 0407 375 157 or email us at